Are you looking for a Challenge? Looking for an innovative organization and the opportunity to learn and grow professionally? At Terrestris, LLC, we are helping the government create better mission outcomes through better human performance. We are currently seeking an Effluent Treatment Facility (ETF) Shift Manager to be responsible for oversight and management of the activities and functions to be carried out by Team Operations and Maintenance personnel, Field Work Supervisors (FWSs), and their crews including facilitating construction/CAT/OAT at ETF for multiple Tank Farm Projects. Position will be onsite at the EFT facility of the Hanford Site.

In this role you will be expected to:

  • Currently Certified as an ETF Shift Operations Manager/Building Emergency Director (BED).
  • Responsible for the processing of all influent wastewater from Tank Farms and other Hanford Site Contractors
  • Knowledge and management of process water brought in from the Liquid Effluent Retention Facility (LERF) Basins or Tankers and treated via filtration
  • Experience at ETF with UV Oxidation, Reverse Osmosis, Ion Exchange and pH adjustment with final product of clean Washington State Department of Ecology (WDOE) approved water is disposed into the ground in the 200West Area.
  • Coaching newly hired shift managers and assist with qualification cards
  • Train multiple crews
  • Assist with ConOps and reviews of ETF operations work packages
  • For requirements that are unclear, request assistance from the appropriate Subject Matter Expert (SMEs).
  • For new or changed field operations, communicate with the Functional SMEs including Nuclear Safety to request guidance. Particular attention should be given to operational changes that do not require changes to procedures or other documents.
  • Actively support programs designed to protect employees against workplace hazards. Ensure safe working conditions and practices.
  • Manage the operation of ETF compliance with State and Federal waste regulations, Department of Energy (DOE) orders, and company policy and procedures.
  • Understand the principals of Conduct of Operations. Implement and mentor Conduct of Operations in the field to support continuous improvement.
  • Ensure that project system/equipment configuration control is maintained through the use of operating procedures, lock and tag, and the work management system.
  • Ensure assigned personnel are fully trained and that only qualified personnel are assigned to perform job tasks.
  • Ensure caution tags are managed within the assigned area.
  • Ensure that personnel are physically and mentally capable of assuming responsibilities.
  • Ensure technical procedures and other work-related documents are prepared and used to provide appropriate work direction and to ensure work is performed safely and efficiently.
  • Establish housekeeping standards in work areas of jurisdiction. Perform routine inspections of all work areas.
  • Conduct assessments as scheduled. Identify deficiencies and contribute to root cause analysis. Participate, as applicable, in corrective actions that address both immediate and root cause of deficiencies.
  • Ensure worker radiation and chemical exposure is maintained as low as reasonably achievable, and that overall benefits should be achieved by activity causing the exposure.
  • Establish high standards for the performance of hazardous material and radiological work; implement controls to minimize the spread of contamination, reduce exposures, and improve overall radiological controls.
  • Performs periodic oversight and/or reviews of the Integrated Safety Management System program to ensure its effectiveness and applicability.
  • Maintains awareness of project conditions and promptly notify management of any unusual or unexpected circumstances.
  • Establishes prerequisites for work approval and communicates with operations/maintenance planners to assure prerequisites are met.
  • Assigns personnel resources and equipment as required to meet daily priorities.
  • Controls changes made to daily work assignments.
  • Reviews and approves work packages, lock, and tags to ensure package are ready to work and closed in a timely manner.
  • Initiates/validates corrective maintenance work packages.
  • Ensures facility compliance inspections and surveillances are complete
  • Interfaces with radiological control, maintenance, environmental, and other support organizations.
  • Review procedure changes and new procedures. Ensure accuracy of procedures by validation. Initiate changes to correct procedure issues and enforce procedure compliance.
  • Ensure proper control of area keys.
  • Ensure that project system/equipment configuration control is maintained through the use of operating procedures, lock and tag, and the work management system.
  • Ensure deficiency lists are maintained.
  • Notify the Shift Office of any events/conditions and environmental conditions that require notifications.

We're looking for someone who is/has:

  • Current / Past Qualified ETF Shift Manager Shutdown Mode
  • Current / Past Qualified Radiological Worker
  • Current / Past Qualified WRPS Lock and Tag Administrator
  • 3 years nuclear experience
  • Knowledge of Conduct of Operations principal
  • Experience using Microsoft Office products

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Current/Past Qualified ETF Shift Manager All Modes
  • Experienced in WRPS work control
  • Experience managing HAMTC personnel
  • Experienced in SMARTPLANT

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, marital status, ancestry, protected veteran status, or any other protected group or class.

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