Talent Acquisition Concepts is seeking a highly skilled Program Manager (PM). The PM will work closely with the Contracting Officer’s Representative, Government Representatives and Transition Headquarters Staff to ensure the proper execution of the transition contract. The PM is the primary focus of the contract and is responsible for the contract staff’s performance.

The PM will:

  • Serve as the contractor’s primary point of contact with the government and manage all contract program operations at the Headquarters level.
  • Manage contractor program and project teams for optimal program effectiveness.
  • Provide operation expertise and oversight of the Program Management Office.
  • Direct and manage PMO actions for day-to-day TAP functions to ensure all contract requirements are met.
  • Conduct command level briefings to government personnel and TAP stakeholders.
  • Implement and provide guidance to PMO staff on TAP policies and processes.
  • Collate, analyze and deliver centralized reports.
  • Ensuring staffing of all sites.
  • Maintain the VOW/CRS compliance and all TAP files.
  • Lead continuous process improvement efforts.
  • Initiate immediate reach back to corporate assets
  • Achieve TAP quality, cost and availability goals.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or related field
  • 5+ years in an advanced management role (preference given to those with program management experience)
  • Exceptional leadership skills, time management, facilitation and organization skills
  • Working knowledge of TAP program
  • Working knowledge of government chain of command and transition policies
  • Applicants must successfully undergo a background investigation