Terrestris is seeking Faculty Instructor(s) for a Distance Education Program (DEP) with the U.S. Army War College (USAWC). This work encompasses four online Core Courses and two summer Resident Courses with associated programs and includes the evaluation of student performance in online discussion forums, appropriate experiential activities, papers and writing projects, and during resident seminar discussion. The work includes the development, instruction, and evaluation of an online elective and an Advanced Studies seminar. The Instructor will provide the evaluation of student performance in online discussion forums, on papers and writing projects, and during resident seminar discussions.

During each academic year, the instructor will instruct, advise, monitor academic progress, and evaluate two seminars, each composed of approximately to eighteen USAWC students (military, government civilians, and international fellows) during four online Core Courses. In each Core Course, the Instructor will provide faculty comments evaluating and assessing each student’s performance in each individual evaluation requirement (for example, a paper or an online discussion forum) and for the overall course.


  • A Senior Level College education from a Senior Service College, or a Department of Defense accredited Senior Service College Distance Education Program is required, a Joint Professional Military Education Phase II qualification is preferred and we’re extra impressed by candidates who are Fully Joint Qualified Officers (JQO).
  • A master’s degree in Strategic Leadership and Ethics, National Security Policy and Strategy, Theory of War, Military History, Elements of National Power (Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economics), Civil-Military Relations, Military Strategy, Operational Art, and Planning, Materiel Acquisition, Force Development, Human and Fiscal Resources, or Joint Military Doctrine is required. Multiple Masters degrees in these fields or other teaching experience, teaching awards, teaching citations, service awards and/or academic promotions are preferred. We’re extra impressed by candidates with a PhD in one of the afore mentioned disciplines and/or multiple years of teaching experience at a Senior Service College, (or other accredited, degree-granting institution of higher learning).
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience as a faculty instructor at either a Senior Service College or an accredited graduate degree granting institution teaching graduate level courses. within the last 5 years is required.
  • Experience in the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) and knowledge in concepts of adult learning, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Seminar Discourse, Seminar Team Building, and Reflective Learning are required.
  • Must possess the ability to use Microsoft 365 (i.e., Word, Outlook, Power Point, SharePoint Portal), and Microsoft Teams.
  • Basic writing and editing skills, the ability to search/create folders, familiarity with computer terminology, and the ability to perform basic troubleshooting of login and connectivity issues are necessary.
  • Must be able to perform word processing and data entry tasks associated with evaluating and electronically annotating student submissions and recording correspondence and conversations in the LMS database.
  • Experience in the use of visual and automation technology is required.
  • Knowledge of general American Civil War history for context; specific knowledge of Gettysburg and Washington, D.C.; detailed knowledge of the campaign, leaders, and the battlefield; and the ability to relate strategic leader competencies and course materials studied by USAWC students to events that occurred on the respective battlefield is a huge plus.