Are you looking for a Challenge? Looking for an innovative organization and the opportunity to learn and grow professionally? We are seeking a Basic Information Technology Maintenance - Senior Maritime Maintenance Trainer who will serve as our lead on curriculum development and training implementation for a Capacity building effort in West Africa. Join our team, grow your career, and crush your goals at Terrestris.

I’ve never heard of Terrestris. What do you do?

At Terrestris, we leverage technology to create better mission outcomes through better human performance. We form strong client and team relationships through transparency and strive to create an environment where our team can let their excellence shine through. By finding, developing, and incorporating new ideas, we provide memorable services. Rooted in the USMC values of honor, courage, and commitment, Terrestris seeks to deliver extraordinary value to the American people by helping the Government become more efficient and effective.

So, what will the Senior Maritime Maintenance Trainer at Terrestris do?

Big picture, you will help improve African partners’ maritime governance and enforcement, sustainment and preventive maintenance, and regional interoperability by building their capacity to address threats such as transnational organized crime; piracy; armed robbery at sea; illegal fishing; and the trafficking of arms, drugs, and persons. These illegal maritime activities contribute to regional instability and enable transnational illegal and extremist organizations to operate. Failure to address these threats jeopardizes economic development in Africa and compromises trade opportunities for the United States.

Specifically, you will help transform Partner Country Navy with broad-spectrum maritime maintenance training helping them to maintain higher operational readiness rates of maritime security equipment.

What does a typical day look like for the Senior Maritime Maintenance Trainer?

You will:

  • Develop new maritime maintenance curricula for Partner Country Navy training institutions.
  • Deliver training to a cadre of maritime maintenance technicians.
  • Identify, train, and mentor a cadre of instructors to implement future iterations of the maritime maintenance courses.
  • Serve as the Subject Matter Expert and lead on curriculum development and training implementation for Basic Information Technology Maintenance.
  • Topics shall include:
    • Maintaining, managing, and coordinating information systems security across platforms and fleets.
  • Designing, installing, and operating wide-area-networks, computer systems, and associated devices.
  • Network system administration, maintenance, and training.
  • Managing network security.
  • Installing applications, troubleshooting user problems, and providing training and assistance with use of computer hardware and software.
  • Senior Maritime Maintenance Trainers can develop into the Program / Country Managers. With enough growth, the potential is limitless.

What does the growth potential look like?

What qualifications do you look for?

You might be the leader we’re looking for if you have:

  • Relevant subject matter expertise to instruct Partner Country Navy Technicians on Basic Information Technology Maintenance.
  • A minimum of two years of directly related experience training foreign military personnel.
  • At least five years of U.S. military experience as a senior maritime maintenance technician or engineer (E-8 or above), with a demonstrated focus on Basic Information Technology Maintenance.
  • A minimum two years serving overseas in a military or contract role.
  • A minimum one year of directly related experience developing Programs of Instruction (POI) or course curricula.
  • Native English speaker or DLPT 3/3 (or ILR equivalent) communication skills.