Terrestris is seeking a Former Field Artillery Officer (13A) who has extensive experience in their perspective career field to train the Romanian Indirect Fires Forces (RIFF) for HIMARS Systems on operational and maintenance procedures and effectively carry out all training requirements and operate all HIMARS related equipment to facilitate their achievement of full operational control of the system.

This HIMARS Technical Assistance Field Team (TAFT) is being provided for in-country training, technical support, and advice to the Government of Romania and the Romanian Indirect Fires Forces (RIFF) for HIMARS Systems at operating sites within Romania.

Work Location:

Focsani, Romania.

A Week In The Life Includes

  • Advise the RIFF Unit Commanders on all aspects of HIMARS fire direction, fire support, tactical operations, training objectives,
  • Develop the RIFF Mission Essential Task List (METL),
  • Develop Mission Training Plans (MTP),
  • Develop the tactical Standard Operating Procedures (TSOP),
  • Develop the HIMARS Unit Master Trainers (Master Gunners),
  • Develop a maintenance program to support the unit training plan,
  • Develop the HIMARS training program of instruction for 13-series equivalent HIMARS MOS’,
  • Develop unit safety programs.

Required Background/Experience

  • Must have at least 5 years’ experience as a MOS 13A in a U.S. Army HIMARS Battalion.
  • Previously completed a successful HIMARS battery command, with additional experience as Battalion (BN S3 or AS3).
  • Subject matter expert in the employment and operation of the HIMARS system
  • Must have or be eligible for a SECRET clearance
  • Must have served as one or more of the following:
  • Tactical Control Officer (TCO) at a U.S. HIMARS Battery
  • Tactical Director (TD) at a U.S. HIMARS Battalion
  • Field Artillery Fire Control Officer (FAFCO)
  • Air Defense Artillery Fire Control Officer (ADAFCO)
  • Prefer HIMARS Top Gun Qualification

Additional Desired Background/Experience

  • Prior experience as a military instructor in the related skill.
  • Prior experience developing military instructional material.
  • Prior experience working with and training foreign military personnel.
  • Prior experience working with foreign military personnel in the region.
  • Prior experience as a Security Assistance Team (SAT) team chief or SAT member.

Other Requirements

  • Medical physical exam within the last 12-months with no chronic conditions that would prevent performance of duties.
  • Ability to present proof of recent negative HIV test and copy of immunization record.
  • Must possess a current US Tourist Passport (Passport must not expire within 12-months of being hired).
  • Must be drug-free with ability to successfully pass drug screening test.
  • Ability to pass a comprehensive background check.

Terrestris personnel have supported the delivery of training services to foreign military personnel in support of US foreign assistance programs. We offer a very competitive compensation and benefit package and there are no upfront out of pocket expenses for persons hired. All travel and transportation arrangements will be made and paid for by Terrestris, LLC. Living expenses are paid by Terrestris, LLC. with all employees living in western-style secure accommodations. Work is performed five days per week at a secure facility/base within the host nation (foreign purchaser). Persons hired will be full-time salaried employees of Terrestris, LLC.. There is no requirement/authorization to carry firearms.