Are you looking for a Challenge? Looking for an innovative organization and the opportunity to learn and grow professionally? At Terrestris, LLC, we are helping the government create better mission outcomes through better human performance. Our client is looking for an experienced Aircrew Flight Equipment SME to better execute the missions of other Special Operations Forces (SOF) that they will work with. The work and maintenance provided by the support members is pivotal to the successful completion of the mission, ultimately producing combat-ready Special Tactics operators. This is an onsite position in Hurlburt Field, FL.

Job Tasks

  • Make special purpose fabrications and modify, and repair articles that are unique to plan, lay out, construct, and fit because of figure irregularities, uncommon shapes and sizes, unusual designs, or intricately constructed parts, such as rucksacks, deployment bags, canopies, harnesses, and similar items using experimental fabrics.
  • Inspect, repair and pack chest reserve, static line, cargo and military free fall parachutes, and related equipment, train personnel, and perform In[1]Processing Inspections on chest reserve, static line and military free fall parachutes systems.
  • Calculate material and supply requirements. Assists in determining availability of material/supplies and requisitions required items. Makes measurements, draws patterns, and makes templates. Calculates dimensional and tolerance configuration of panels, shroud lines, sections, gores, and other segments or 9 portions of parachute components. Operates commercial grade and light duty sewing machines, installs grommets and snaps, and uses other equipment and tools in connection with cutting, assembling, fitting, basting, stitching, and installing. Repairs, modifies, and makes alterations to personal jump equipment such as rucksacks, deployment bags, flight vests, jump suits and similar items as required.
  • Assist in determining inspection requirements and conduct complete inspection of chest reserve, static line, cargo and military free fall parachute assemblies to detect signs of damage/deterioration. Determines optional repair strategy and performs necessary repairs. Assists in the repacking of the main and reserve canopies, cleans the main pack and canopy in accordance with technical directives; and inspects the works of others during the parachute packing process.
  • Explain and demonstrate chest reserve, static line, cargo and military free fall packing procedures and performs In-Process Inspections (IPI) during the repack of these systems by other individuals.
  • Set up and operate, clean, perform basic maintenance on light weight, medium weight and heavy-duty sewing machines, and to use tools and equipment such as knives, scissors, punches, pliers, diagonal pliers, foot and hand operated snap fasteners, grommet sets, torque wrenches, and other related tools.
  • Professionally train personnel in accordance with equipment specific technical directives.
  • Utilize an oxygen booster pump system during servicing (filling) of the Phantom O2 bottle and the O2 console systems for airborne operations.

Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience as a 7 level in USAF Aircrew Flight Equipment Craftsman career field (AFSC 1P071) or at least 5 years’ experience in a sister service Aircrew Flight Equipment Craftsman career field. SOF experience preferred.
  • Hold the equivalent of AFSC 1P071, Aircrew Flight Equipment, and must be a graduate of Air Force Aircrew Flight Equipment (1P0X1) or Survival Equipment (AFSC 2A7X4) technical training courses or sister service equivalent.
  • Hold certification from Aerial Delivery and Field Service Department (ADFSD). Phase 1 Fort Lee Certification-cargo parachute packing, rigging supply loads, and equipment for airdrop (Equivalent Fabrication Aerial Delivery Loads Course FADLC).
  • Phase 2 Fort Lee Certification-inspection, repair, and packing procedures relative to personnel parachutes and other aerial delivery equipment.
  • Phase 3 Fort Lee Certification-working knowledge of inspection, in-servicing and packing procedures relative to current Ram Air Parachute systems and the Parachute Oxygen Mask (POM).
  • Aerial Delivery and Field Service Department (ADFSD) or manufactures certification for Phantom oxygen systems.
  • Knowledge of rigging for special operations loads, i.e., Hard Duck, RAM-B, Quad Bundles, Motorcycle Bundle, Mini-bike Bundle, Cargo Re-supply Bundle
  • Knowledge/maintenance of night vision devices.
  • Ability to operate a chainsaw and a variety of power tools for cargo platform construction and chute recovery.
  • Ability to drive electric forklift, box truck, 6 pax truck, 15 pax van
  • Possess a current DOD secret clearance

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, age, marital status, ancestry, protected veteran status, or any other protected group or class.

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