Terrestris is seeking multiple Warehouse Specialists to perform various supply technician duties listed below in support of the Veterans Affairs medical facility: Full-Time Supply Technicians work - 8 hours per day 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday at the Martinsburg West Virginia Veterans Affairs Medical center.

The primary purpose of the position is to perform a variety of warehousing duties which require an understanding of the local storage plan. Workers can be Required to work in storage buildings, pods, trailers, vehicles and warehouses that may be hot, cold, drafty, and poorly lighted. Will be required to work outdoors on docks, making deliveries in all types of weather conditions during all seasons. Hazardous materials may be encountered in daily work activities.

Duties will be subject to the possibility of trips, falls, scrapes, cuts, bruises, or injury from the use of equipment. Hazardous materials are part of the work environment. The selected candidates will be required to wear approved safety gear at all times plus other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as required. Will be subject to conditions that could result in serious accidents; precautions will be taken.

What your daily duties consist of:

  • Assists in developing plans for storage and arrangement of stock in accordance with VA regulations and requirements that determine the configuration setup, movement, rearrangement and traffic flow.
  • Manages space and storage in accordance with VA regulations for a specific commodity or equipment group, such as general supplies, construction materials, medical supplies, and high value items.
  • Undertakes the full spectrum of warehouse functions with responsibility for laying out storage space, establishing item locations, determining organization and arrangement of stock and identifying high and low usage items according to VA regulations and procedures.
  • Coordinates incoming and outgoing shipments and placement of materials on the docking area, which may require scheduling personnel to facilitate movement of materials in accordance with priorities, scheduling requirements and space allocations.
  • Receives, stores and moves hazardous and toxic materials and substances, such as certain types of chemicals or radioactive materials, in accordance with facility and regulatory requirements.
  • Duties for this position include physical exertion such as lifting (no more than 50lbs) stooping, standing, bending, squatting, reaching and climbing ladders.

Required Skills and Education:

  • High School diploma and at least 3 years of supply experience
  • At least two (2) year of warehouse experience, to include: performing inventory, staging, packing, storage and shipping of electronic equipment and related material.
  • Experience operating motor vehicles and material handling such as:
    • Pallet jacks
    • Forklifts
    • Transport Carts
    • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Bar Code Scanners.
  • Utilizing a computer-based inventory and bar-coding system for entry.
  • Identification and tracking of material.
  • Demonstrable experience performing the duties of the labor category as described in the Department of Labor functional description.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience with MS Office applications
  • Experience with logging data tracking inventory
  • The work requires standing and walking during the entire workday, and frequent reaching, bending and lifting of supply packages (occasionally weighing as much as 50 pounds). Work requires pushing loaded carts of medical supplies (weighing in excess of 100+ pounds). With proper assistance, moves heavier items’ weighing over 40 pounds. and climb ladders)
  • Ability to pass background check to gain access to US Federal installations and other customer sites.

Preferred Skills:

  • Military or federal contractor supply experience active duty or as a federal contractor.

Please be sure to address all requirements of posted requisition in resume. Only resumes that include all requirements will be considered.