Terrestris, LLC is seeking a Patriot Fire Control Enhanced Operator / Maintainer 14E who has extensive experience in their respective career field to train the Swedish Armed Forces on operational and maintenance procedures and effectively carry out all training requirements and operate all Patriot related equipment to facilitate their achievement of full operational control of the system.

This Patriot Technical Assistance Field Team (TAFT) is being provided for in-country training, technical support, and advice to the Government of Sweden and the Swedish Armed Forces for Patriot Missile Air Defense Systems at operating sites within Sweden.

What does a typical day look like for the Patriot Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer?

  • Train, advise, assist and support the RADF Patriot Missile Air Defense System’s employment, operations, maintenance, and sustainment.
  • Provide Patriot Missile Air Defense Systems individual and collective training expertise at the Fire Unit level and up to Battalion Level Command; this includes Patriot Gunnery.
  • Assist in the development of the Patriot training program of instruction for 14-series equivalent Patriot Air Defense MOS’ and crews.
  • Assist in shaping unit safety programs.

What qualifications do you look for?

  • 5+ years of experience as a MOS 14E in a U.S. Army Patriot Battalion.
  • Subject matter expert in the employment and operation of the Patriot system.
  • March order and emplacement drills to include missile reload.
  • Will have served as one or more of the following:
    • Tactical Control Assistant (TCA) at a U.S. Patriot Battery.
    • Tactical Director Assistant (TDA) (14E 40/30) at a U.S. Patriot Battalion.
    • Air Defense Artillery Fire Control Assistant (ADAFCA).
    • Prefer Master Gunner Qualification.
    • TCO-ECS and/or TCS experience.
    • EMMO at a U.S. Patriot Battalion. CUI//SP-SSEL//FEDCON Performance Work Statement Sweden Patriot Technical Assistance Field Team II
    • Information & Coordination Central experience.
    • Must have or be able to qualify for a Clearance.

We're extra impressed by:

  • Prior experience as a military instructor in the related skill.
  • Prior experience developing military instructional material.
  • Prior experience working with and training foreign military personnel.
  • Prior experience working with foreign military personnel in the region.
  • Prior experience as a Security Assistance Team (SAT) team chief or SAT member.

Additional Requirements:

  • Medical physical exam within the last 12-months with no chronic conditions that would prevent performance of duties.
  • Ability to present proof of recent negative HIV test and copy of immunization record.
  • Must possess a current US Tourist Passport (Passport must not expire within 12-months of being hired).
  • Must be drug-free with the ability to successfully pass the drug screening tests.
  • Ability to pass a comprehensive background check.