Expert Level. The candidate must have detailed experience with AWS and all of its resources (or least its main ones EC2, S3, and RDS), as well as very familiar with CloudFormation to create and maintain AWS resources. The candidate must also have experience with programming in an Object-Oriented Programming language, preferably in Ruby or Python. This candidate should also have experience with Java as well to help assist the development teams as needed since their applications are written in Java. The candidate should have experience with using the AWS Ruby SDK, AWS python SDK (botocore), and AWS Java SDK. This experience will be vital in helping the development teams utilize AWS correctly. The person must be a friendly person that is willing to help in all cases as well as be familiar with architectural best practices. They must also have experience with Jenkins and building Jenkins Pipelines using Groovy. This is needed for the customers' continuous integration and deployment efforts. The person must also have some familiarity with puppet to help manage software installations. Above all else, the person must be a good team player with an eagerness to learn as well as teach when required.

What qualifications do you look for?

  • Current TS/SCI w/FS poly
  • 5+ years of AWS experience. This includes building AWS resources using Cloud formation and interacting with them as well using AWS SDKs such as Ruby, Python, and Java.
  • Object-Oriented Programming background and a willingness to both learn and teach.
  • Experience with Jenkins and have understood continuous integration and continuous deployment best practices
  • Team player and work well with others regardless of skill levels. This characteristic is key because there are a lot of teams that will need DevOps support and along with that will be a wide range of skill levels.
  • Willingness to learn

We’re extra impressed by:

  • Experience in Ruby, Python, and Java at the Object-Oriented Programming level.
  • Experience with Ruby and Python for scripting.
  • Experience with Puppet for software installation.
  • Experience with Java Spring framework to help development teams troubleshoot application issues.
  • Experience with SPLUNK and ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, and Kibana) for log file monitoring.
  • Experience with Jenkins and running as a Jenkins Agent.
  • Experience with writing Jenkins pipelines using Groovy.
  • Experience with Teaching and spreading knowledge across multiple teams.
  • Experience with writing Rspecs, Ruby unit test framework.
  • Experience with Java builds processes using gradle, maven, and ant.